NetScalerRocks is a initiative to create a resource of NetScaler information independent from Citrix or a single partner or company, but with many content creators.

All those who would like to share their configurations and experiences with NetScaler to the world are welcome to write. All those who would like to get the most out of their NetScaler setup are welcome to read and use!

That said, we are not being paid, we create this content in our own time on our own personal title. We do our best to make it is save, and explanatory as possible including version numbers we tested the config on but… a little disclaimer:

  • The views expressed on these pages are personal view and not those of the writers employers.
  • We are not supported, endorsed, being paid, etc. by Citrix or any of the employers of the content creators for maintaining this site or creating content on it.
  • Note that all information on this website is AS IS, not extensively tested and may be outdated.
  • Make sure you test the config you find in your own environment that includes your own variables, etc.
  • The writers here are experts in many fields but as any decent IT config most are open for debate and / or improvements. Please DO use the comment system to point out your view or improvements to any information on this blog.

Hey, in fact that what this blog is about, creating the BEST config FREE for all to use and improve, thus CREATED by all!

In short, don’t call us if you kill your environment with information on this site.