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  1. Hey Chaps,

    We’re using Netscaler 10.0 atm, and we’re moving to 10.5 soon, I wondered if you had some thoughts on the following:

    We want to use the NetScaler as a SAML provider for web services, i.e. if I supply a web service call with for example a WSSE SOAP header and it contains a username and password, should I be able to configure my NetScaler to call out to ADFS with those creds and return a SAML token that I can then assert against, and add to the payload (using a rewrite or something) and let the request continue to my service, We’re doing something similar atm with WCF behaviours and routers to add the SAML, i’d be interested to get rid of all the WCF pieces and do it purely using the NetScaler – what do you think?……

  2. Hello,
    I am planning to take NetScaler11 Certification, Is anybody having information when is Citrix going to announce the exam code for ver.11

  3. Citrix offers physical (MPX), virtual version (VPX) & multi-tier version (SDX) of the NetScaler line, but it has now decided for a containerised version, called “CPX”. As per Citrix, making a containerised version of the appliances should make it easier for developers to adopt the platform. When an application developed using CPX is ready for production deployment, you can continue to use CPX or cutover to a larger, scaled version of NetScaler that is run by the central infrastructure team.

  4. Great site. Question for you; if you have 3 NS that have load balancing of the 2 vservers on them: one that does EPA scan, does EULA, and then redirects using URL to the other vserver that does smart card authentication. Is there a way to redirect to the second vserver’s URL and have preference to use the local vserver instead of being sent to one of the other NS vservers?