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NetScaler SDX limitations you should be aware of.

In most situations you will not run into these limitations, however if you run in to them it is never good news to tell your manager / customer. So better to remember this…


How many VLANs are supported per interface with VLAN filtering enabled? What happens if I configure more?
With VLAN filtering enabled, 10G interfaces support up to 63 VLANs, and 1G interfaces suppport up to 31 VLANs. This is a hard limit based on the number of the queues supported by the NIC. An error message appears if the limit is exceeded.

If more than 63 VLANs should be supported, disable VLAN Filtering on the SVM. Be aware there were some SDX upgrades in the past that than reverted this setting! CHECK!!

How many instances can be shared on a single NIC?
For a 10G interface, SDX supports up to 63 virtual functions per physical port, which translates to 63 instances per 10G NIC. For 1G interfaces, the maximum number of shared instances per NIC is 7.

This is something you should be aware of in the design phase of implementing SDX. 63 Virtuals on an SDX you probably do not see that often, 7 however is more common!! Try to connect using the 10G interfaces. You might not need 10G throughput. You sure not want to run into the 8th virtual not wanting to deploy because of this!!

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