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The undocumented errorcodes

HAL9000 – the movie. Sometimes it feels like the same to work with NetScaler. This blog post will be updated with small snipp’s whenever i come across an undocumented errorcode.


When NetScaler send’s a Reset packet to the client, the windowsize is usually a good place to start to see what happend. This article goes quite deep to explain what could be the problem.

error 9000

Yesterday i (ofcourse) was getting error 9000 when trying to setup a forward proxy environment. I was using a port with “*” and had a listen policy for port 80 and 443. This was a nogo, and i ended up with a port 8888 vServer, everything else was the same.

Please chip in with whatever you find (there is alot of hex codes in ns.log thats also undocumented) and lets build this blog post together.

What do you think?